Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SOOO Exhausting..But relaxing


I finished a hectic night at work at 6am. The people were feral, one case made it to the papers. :-(  I had been drinking Red bull and Mother, and so felt ok. 
I left the signal box a bit late but that was OK as I had no where to be prior to 0600hrs.. I even stopped to take sunrise shots at Wolli creek. I did Canon photos, and then toy camera photos. I had finished the Spinner 360 in Canberra without realising it and had to hurriedly put in a roll. Alas the roll I grabbed was an ISO 200 so I hope there was enough light.. Still this is what I was shooting. Dear old iPhone always reliable. Its true what they say, the best camera is the one with you.

Syd morning photo
iPhone HDR at Wolli Creek

 Continued on to pick Fabian up from Mortdale where Inara kindly made me a coffee and gave me a slice of cake.

Cars On Fire
Fabian told me that he thinks the car looks in fire in this photo

 Fortified again, Fabian and I headed south in the morning rush hour. NOW I was tired.. the hour spent chatting had made my pick me up fade away.. :-( Upon arrival at home, I was so tired that I nearly ran into David's car, which was reversing. I thought he was catching the train. (But of course the south is shut down so he can't get the train)

Fabian watched TV for an hour or so whilst I crashed. I was woken up by David's urgent telephoning. He wanted me to print out a form, then fax it to my roster clerk who then would fax it to passes section, so David could pick up an interstate pass for us to travel in the Ghan. Koen is coming to visit in three weeks and we have not arranged the bloody train!! David could three berths but GSR would not do the booking without an interstate pass. GRR. That was my sleep for the day. BUT it was for a good cause.  I played with Fabian on the PS3, and we rocked, actually we sucked but it was fun. Fabian's helicopter that I bought him was the hit of the day. 

Alas no parcels to cheer up my weary nerves, but I had the camera gear to I taught HDR to my 10year old in top of the Razor Back lookout. We spend an hour trialling different ways of shooting in the difficult light and at the end I was pleased with his progress. Fabian even dabbled in Lomography and did photo #2 on the New roll in the Spinner 360.  Upon arrival at hom, he learn to load an analogue camera. As he has never seen film before I certainly had his interest. 

If u see a baby bird.. Mama is somewhere behind youTree I was laying underFabianChrome setting on the Fuji W1HelicopterRazorbackBoys playing with the Helicopter

The rest of the afternoon was spent alternating between Helicopter flying and PLaystation until I got a call which had me yelling at my mother yet again.
David came home to the shock of the news that my mother was arriving. BUT the blow was softened by the promise of Pizza.  Fabian had only been fed cereal and soft drink as I have no real food in the house.

OK still with no sleep, brain fuzzy, off to bed... 

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