Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well there goes my perfect record

Quiet day, i was excited to get my snail mail again. Three parcels one had my toy camera in it. The fujipix real 3d.

This camera does awesome 3D photos but better than that is does 2D tricks too.you can take two separate shots of different colour settings or different ISO or different zooms. Mega cool

Alas the 3D photos can only be seen in the camera as I do not own a 3D tv. ( and not likely too) still the 2D part will be fun.

My relief was Early enough for my to catch the sun rise. So I went nuts, analogue, digital, mixed digital with analogue and iPhone.

This was the Diana F+ lens on my canon 7D

This is with my 24-105 except the last photo which was my 10-20mm

iPhone gave me this


all lovely and if the iphone was my only camera, i would not complain. Lol
The iP4 does awesome HDR

Anyway... On my way work, i forgot about the safety camera and as the lights Changed from red to green, i had not slowed down enough and tripped the speed part. ARRRGGHHH BLOODY donation of $211 to the stupid incompetent state government. Angry at myself. :-(

Work was a shambles when i got in. Ops decided to be a Signaller and run ancient when it is my job. It slowed things down and trains were blocked as I had no ode a what was going on. Geez rules are there for a reason. Great. What a way to end a day. :-(

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