Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YAWN Thank goodness for THAT!

Today was a day shift, a BUSY day shift. I had a record breaking 4 hrs sleep which for me on ams is a long time. My average is 2 hrs.. so 4 is plenty for me.. **Sigh** I was flat out setting up multiple worksites and TOAs. One guy asked for a TOA until 1430 then at 1230 asked for an extention for 1730. Hmm looking back, he has been doing this for the last few days. Sneaky..

I struggled to stay awake. I kept dozing off. Who even invented the fatigue roster needs to be put in jail. Or made to work to his rules for a year of so.  I played with some of Koen's pictures just to stay awake.. and then did some for myself. It worked I was more alert.  My relief arrived AFTER 1330 and so I missed the train, well, I dragged the table man to my seat and he had to deal with my panel. Screw this guy. there is a relief time. And don't give me that half hour crap. He is happy to take a piss off if I turn up early. SO no more. I RAN for a train. Yet I put my limbs at risk to get the damned train. I made it.  PHEW

Pinhole app on iPhone

Breakfast (Sorta)

Koen's Photo doctored by me.. lol

Another of Koen's photo doctored by me

and so I picked up a roll of film at Capmbelltown and dropped off three roll of negs to be scanned . I have written about this in my analogue blog so will not rehash it here..Adventures in film

Apporaching a 24 hr day so will go and have a bit of a lie down.. zzzzzzz

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