Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yay!! Back on nights

I spent the day quietly. The mail was a big disappointment, things seem to be taking ages to arrive some stuff have been coming for over a month. :-(
I got the early train out of Campbelltown, and walked up mattickville rd. I was going to take bulb shots of marrickville but just before the first shot i broke the baby tripod.arrgghhh
I bodgied it back but after the first shot it gave up the ghost :-(

Went back to my lace of employment and asked randomly if anyone had super glue. To my compete surprise, someone did!!!! So thank you to Mick Pierce and his collection of stuff.

Work is a nice panel, a good one to ease back into my fav shift.

Marrickville Rd, originally uploaded by woosang.

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