Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catch up part 2

So after the migraine hell of monday, I dragged my sorry and exhausted arse to work. To get an extra hour's sleep, i drove. This did mean that I could go to Waterloo and pick up the film from the 17th.
I was also able to get my rego done thanks to running an errand for the manager. Yay! Today was full of win so far. I decided to drop off my medium format films at Vision Image and pay for postage so I did not have to drive back to this suburb until after my holiday. I had a peak at the negatives and was thrilled. A vast improvement on previous negs, the off colours are gone. I am not really a fan of cross :-) what a difference E-6 processing makes. I didn't leave the 35mm as $15 is three times more expensive than CBT and really it shouldn't be that hard for them to get one film right. Should it?

I had forgotten that it is Fisheye February and hence must start a day late. Bugger.

Exhausted and the day was hot, i passed the airport and the temp gauge at the airfield said 44C geez... That is on the coast!!

Collapsed around 1830... I need sleep..

Granville Station

Bare Island

Drue has been doing action shots. This was the stand out one.


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