Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1 of holiday Picton -dubbo

We Got up late, the heat from the past two days had taken it's toll. So instead of an early start, it was after 9 before we got away.
Got to Katoomba for a bush walk along the federal pass from Echo to scenic world. The grand staircase is 900 steps and my injured knee was screaming by the bottom. I had sweat dripping off me but the path it's self was quite pleasant. David had to push me up the stairs when my knee failed totally. Damn.. :-(
Pretty and we took many photos.

My epic fail absentmindedness resulted in my not having a battery inn my canon. Aarrrggghh so my Sprocket Rocket and my IPhone did all the photo work. The iPhone did ok..

Arrival at the car had us all sculling drinks. David took us to Evan's lookout. I didn't know he had his own lookout...

The drive to Dubbo via Mudgee was lovely. I do love this part of the world.
A stop at capertee had us investigating the old station. Like may places been vandelised and we discovered some cracks the rail head from severe burn marks.





One other lookout and we headed for Dubbo. We decided to stay at the hotel David and I stayed at last year. No95 is a great motel, the staff are friendly and the bed is sooo comfortable. I was happy when i collapsed into it's softness.

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