Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 12 and 13

The Ghan

Alice station

Day 12 and 13 were really just travel days. We didn't really go and see anything. Just commuting to the next place to stay.

Day 12, Thursday, had us up and on the Ghan. We checked the car into the motorail and then went back to the shops, to kill time. Cars have to be checked in early to be put onto the train and hence we has just over an hour to kill.

David took me to K-mart as he was sick of my patchwork jeans (I think)and my other pair are not much better. SO he got me new jeans to wear. Now I have mowing jeans! :-) Only so many hole you can patch up before you are have declare the jeans ready for retirement.
on to day 13...

Breakfast on Ghan

The ride on the Ghan was as restful as always. I do love being on this train. too much food, relaxing lounges but I avoided them this time as a tour group of Yanks had taken over. SOme were wonderful people but as in all tour groups there were painful ones. One couple had us bailed up at Breakfast and I did not decipher what the man said at all. He spent most of the time comparing our desert to his nebraska. Go figure.

Keswick station

Interstate Trainstation
The arrival in Adelaide (rebadged the festival city) was wet. It was pouring with rain and this rain has followed us to Mt Gambier. IS there a worse road to drive than the one to Mt Gambier? So bloody boring and for David, stressful as the cars were driving as all SOuth Australian's drive (Stupidly) and visibility was low. GRr

We didn't stop anywhere, our original plan to stop at lookouts was canned do to the moutnains being in cloud.. sigh

SO here we are, early evenign in a boring state with torrential rain that looks like settling in for tomorrow too. :-(

Rain rain rain

Trip thus far

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