Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3 In and around Broken Hill

Day 3
Kintore Headframe
In and around Broken Hill
Today was a day spent in and around Broken hill surrounds.
We headed for the lookout, but it was closed so we went to plan B, Daydream Mine at Silverton.
Day dream mine
Daydream mine is in the middle of no where, even a long way from Silverton.
The tour guide was interesting and the mine was just as it was when it was a working mine except for electric light.
Lots of bending, many times I was grateful for the hard hat on my head, or I would have stitches by now.
Day dream mine
Mad max interceptor
After the mine tour, we headed into Silverton for daytime photography. The beetles painted by with his trademark Emus were still there.
David returned to the Mundi Mundi lookout again for a Spinner photo.

We dropped Koen at the Silverton Train museum (In broken hill) and we headed off to Andrew's Parents place.
Pleasant stay and it was tough to get out as we kept talking...:-)
Palace Hotel Broken Hill
Trades Hall
Koen found us.. we knew he was sheltering in a cafe but did not know which one. From here I seperated from the boys, I needed to not be in the car, and just browse the streetscape. I did have me camera but just browsed the shops. Found a rare book, but was strong and left it behind. (Gio ME!!) I returned to the pub we were staying at, and watched the town go by from the veranda. Suddenly a smoker joined me so I was driven down stairs. I had spied a photo place across the road and was going to make inquiries then go for a coffee when the boys returned to the pub just as I left. We headed across the road and I got into a deep converasation with the owner as he had noticed my Diana camera. We chatted about toy cameras and expired film, so I headed back to the car for the Clack and my russian film. My Russian 120mm film expired in 1981 and his eyes lit up when I showed him a pack of two... I was eyeing his 1970s kodak film and suggested a trade, to which he agreed, and he went to his fridge to see what he wanted to trade.
He sorted his few old films and he took out the kodak, he hesitated and I saw he did not want to give up anything in his collection. I have twop of most things, he only had one. I suggested he do a film for free to which he sighed with relief and agreed readily. LOL I understand his pain... I saw he is as bad as me... :-) I may get him to trade some of my older films at a later time. We shall see. He cooed over the clack and its workings,well, lack thereof. He had never seen one and it is a rare bird in Australia. VEry few cameras do 6X9 exposures... heehee
He appologised that he did not have time to process my medium format film, but had my spinner film and my Diana Mini film. One was free as per our agreement.
I was happy when I left. He did admit the spinner's shots and the oddity of the 360degree photo. His wife was lovely and also showed me how to make medium format sleeves from 35mm ones.

We went out to dinner as this town closes at 2030, they stay open for drinking but last orders are 2030.

David then took us to the localtion of the final shoot out where two turks who had fired on a picnic train were shot dead, and then was taken to the Living desert. This used to be free but now, as everwhere else, they want money. No rangers were there though so, we soldiered on.
The sulptures were interesting and at sunset was definatley photo worthy. A rude arab (Egyptian) set up in frobnt of a lady I was standing next too so I spoke up for her. He snubbed us until I pushed the issue and his excuse was, We have travelled over 100km to get this time critcal photo and we are working. I pointed out that so had I, this ladym that guy and we were also working at our art so he can just fuck off. He moved. If it was so time critical, then he should have arrived earlier. The lady next to me got her shot and we all moved on.
Just cause you are rich and run a TV show does not give you the right to stand in front of people.

Early back to the room. I had bought a 2nd hard drive as the laptop I have, had no space and I don't trust this western Digital Hard drive. SO I bought a verbaitum one.

Happier now I have two copies of my photos. I don't want a repeat of the OT Hard drive failure of 2010

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