Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 4 Broken hill to Port Augusta

Day 4 Broken Hill to Port Augusta.
Early start due to not being able to sleep. The little beetles were actually biters and I got bitten in a few places. So I gave up and showered.
Breakfast was again at the Alfresco cafe and very yummy. They do make the best Latte.
Drive from Broken hill to Peterborough
NSW/SA border
Car was all packed and we headed out of town. The border is not far from Broken Hill, around 30km and so we stopped for Koen at the Cockburn Gate (Hotel) the word hotel is actually removed from the building. Just out of Cockburn, we stopped to wait for a freight train. Sigh. It did turn up though, after 30-40 minutes and David chased it to Petersborough. We did actually stop for a lizard but missed a Frilly as D only saw it as it vanished into the scrub. DAMN. The bnext lizard was another Shingleback. This was a docile one, and easy to pick up. Did not give me a fight, but pissed down my jeans and into my shoe. Luckily I was not holding him by the Cloaca. He then tried the shitting technique but missed me entirely. :-) The boys got photos but not me as no one wanted to be shat on.

Mana Hill saw the the train David was chasing pass through so we got some nice shots. (I hope) This is a pretty town and has 5 bars of Tesltra Next G. No vodaphone. BUT There is a telstra Payphone pif you are with optus or Vodafone.., hahaahhaha
Manna Hill station
Peterborough is a pretty town, once very busy where three railway gauges came together now a sleepy town. David had gone to the visitor's centre to see where we could go, and I think to find out the hours of the railway museum. I spied a card with a bearded dragon on it and bought it. The lady told me it was shot at the Dragon's Rest, a private garden that has wild Dragons living there. They are open to the public. SO of course I had to go.
Lovely day in Peterborough
FIrst though was the Railway museum. TOOOO Similar to Junee to be interesting, and also like Junee, you cannot wander by yourself and have to be led by a tour guide.. ARGHH Mostly carriages, so if you like historical railway carriages I would say this is your place. At lease York had a great cafe and Ipswitch was interesting.
David left Koen and me at the Dragon's rest whilst he went to chase some more trains. I was happy this this arrangement. The people at the Dragon rest are just a couple who moved there in the 1980s. At that time there were no trees and they planted the trees in the street. Which is now, quite lovely and shady. The lady does the gardening and all the Bearded Dragon's are wild. She just provides plants to encourage the bugs that they eat and they choose to stay. They also breed there and if you are lucky, you can spot the wee baby ones. We were not that lucky, but we found three. AND the lady found a brown snake in her green house which took off as soon as we appeared. Got a quite snap as it zoomed away.

its funny, still no roos on this trip...

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