Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 8 Yulara to Kings Canyon

Today we left our comfy hostel for another comfy hostel. I could not sleep at all due to the pain in my jaw, it seems to radiate to all parts of my body and pain killers are not controlling it. :-( sooo the boys went to see sunrise without me as I had to try for some sleep. Just a few hours please... I managed a few and the boys returned to get me for breakfast.

Yummy breakfast as always here, very glad we found out about the secret voucher. Packed the car and off. We found a few lizards but none alive, but decided to stop at the mt Conner lookout. If you climb the dune, you will see an in-land lake usually dry but with all our rain, it had water in it.
Onwards to the turn off for Kings Canyon where there is a rather cool sign. Poor D could not get shot as a bus turned up just as he was lining his composition up.

We saw a monitor lazily crossing the road, and of course he had vanished by the time we had stopped. I tracked him with tracks to a hole. Hmmm not sticking my hand down a hole... Ok so he got away.

I crashed after more pain killers, i can't get relief even in sleep, I am dreaming about dentists. I hope I don't put up with this pain until June. I will go mad i swear.

We checked in and found the room to be smelly, but comfy. The smell is from the evaporative coolers they use, even the little shop stinks. Ugh. The weather is just too humid ATM.

Having the afternoon free, we headed out for a helicopter flight of the Macdonald Ranges, and drove for 40km, but that was the wrong company. :-( D was majorly bummed when he skidded to a stop, sending everything in the car flying. i was grateful for seat belts. He did a fast U-y and suddenly we saw why. On the road was a Thorny Devil. Standing straight and tall, he was going to take on the cars. Tiny little thing, this was the first one I have even seen ALIVE in the wild.
Rare little creatures, they are almost impossible to keep in captivity and the only ones in the world in a zoo are in Adelaide zoo. And not as healthy as this little guy.With one of use standing as a lookout, we all took turned lying on the hot hot road to take pictures. He kept standing straight, is little tail like ann antenna. For no one was he going to move. This was his spot and damn it, he was going to stand there. I could not bare the idea of a careless driver squishing this precious little reptile that i nudged him with my finger. He was so tiny that I did not want to lift him up. He was not fully convinced of the wisdom of getting off the road that I actually had to pick him uo when I heard a car over the hill. Spiky but curious, he was calm and sat in my hand whilst we moved him to the nearby bushes. Many many photos.

Thrilled beyond belief that I have seen one in the wild,

We headed for the canyon, and decided that as it was the hotter part of the day, that we would do the 0.5km walk, easy grade for wheel chairs. Can't be too hard eh? This walk is lovely, but unless wheelchairs can club stairs and cross rocky stream crossings, it was mislabeled.
After lizard, nothing could compare, but this ravine comes close.

Back to the hostel, we make arrangements to get me in a helicopter ( Tim, amazed huh? But do you think I will let this photo op pass by??)

And spend the rest of the early evening resting, swimming and i took photos of the early sunset, a storm passed by and I got a rainbow.

Why are there no photos??? Well this place has no mobile reception. I can only buy in 12 minute lots at $1 each time so fast uploads and that means no photos.

I promise when I get to Alice you will get photos.

Early night, hopefully some sleep. I may have to drink myself onto pain free sleep.

Hopeful up at dawn tomorrow.


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