Monday, February 14, 2011

day 9 Kings Canyon

Day 9 - Kings Canyon.

Another night of almost no sleep at all, I finally got to blessed painfree sleep around 0330 and of course I had to be up around 0530. ARRGHHHH I am two days away from Panadine forte or failing that a doctor for drugs. I will go mad, I am worn out without sleep.

Today is
1. My anniversary
2. We walked the rim walk of Kings Canyon.
Due to a miscommunication, I was left behind at the start. We started very early to beat the heat. The sun was just over the ridge as we started. YAY it was only around 25C and windy so perfect for a hike. The rim walk is 6km and takes around 4 hours. The beginning is a huge staircase and the walk is rated as Moderate. Certainly easier than walking the rock.
Most of the walk is picturesque and there is a water hole (The Garden of Eden) where you can swim but from there on, it is fairly desolate.. You certainly need a hat, lotsa sunscreen and water. If you do this later in the day you are absolutely nuts.
I spotted a lace monitor in a crack in the cliff sunning himself. Being a top predator, he was not scared of us, but certainly didn’t like the paparazzi turning up. I got a lot on my canon, and only two on my iPhone. This was a highlight. He was another animal in good condition and he was in mid shed. The season has been kind to these critters.
The waterhole was lovely but as everyone swims there, it is not really a haven that it should be.. Also it is down which means lots of steps up again.. 
The afternoon, is another quite one, David is napping, but I will have to wake him up soon so he can get his helicopter ride.

Photos when I get more reliable internet.

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