Monday, February 28, 2011

Days 1 and 2 River Island, Goulburn, Gundagai and Holbrook

Day one saw us basically at home awaiting Drue to finish work. He arrived and we packed the car, got fuel and headed to Bullio. We needed some time away from everything. A longer than usual stop meant I got a pink dinosaur yay!!

Onwards and David stopped for a turtle on the road which I picked up and checked for condition. No cracks on his shell, so I showed the boys how to hold a turtle so he can't be dropped and how to avoid their urine as they try to defend themselves. This little long neck was well manered and did nothing but hide. SO after a few photos we put the guy on the side of the road he was heading to.  Away from the road. As we did and headed off several cars came down the road. PHEW!!
At River Island we spent time in the pool chatting to people, who talked about being open and were interesed in us. Flattering but no. I had to go to bed, crashing as soon as my head hit the pillow. Cliche but true.
Today (Day 2) saw us driving south. Today was Gundagai, and Holbrook. Simple and easy and people drive past these towns all the time. Trouble is small NSW towns so have stuff to offer.
David stopped in Goulburn for breakfast after going to the war memorial.

Gundagai is not only home to the Dog on the tuckbox, an Icon I have only found out that Gen Y have No idea who the dog on the Tuckerbox is. I was surprised. SO we had to stop and show Drue.

David then took Druey to the Gundagai Station which has been renovated. Its pretty but I have seen it before. We wandered around the the boys and I walked up the track a little. The rain started to pour down so we headed back to the car. Next stop was the old wooden span bridge. It has been renovated in that they have installed a viewing platform. A big difference from when I was here years ago when we walked across, risking life and limb.

The rain set in at the lookout so we sat in the car until the rain stopped. What sort of weather is this?? On off on off on off arrghhh FUCK OFF!!!

A quick drive to Holworthy and David dropped me off at the south part of town as I was looking for a shop I had seen last time we passed through. The boys went to the Submarine.
The shop was closed in Mondays (Of course) and so I walked through town which, it seems was in the middle of a locust plague. Grasshoppers everywhere! All over the shops, covering windows all over fuel pumps etc.
Grass Hopper Plague in HolbrookGrass Hopper Plague in HolbrookGrass Hopper Plague in Holbrook

Dinner at the Riverina Hotel which was odd
For the WTF files banana prawns steak & some sauce I mean prawns, steak, banana and this mystery sauce. It was edible but I am sure it is not natural in anyway.

At sunset we headed for the HMAS Otway for sunset photos. The Grasshoppers were everywhere. I mean, is you stay still for more than 5 minutes you get covered in them. They covered my camera and David got them all over him when he was concentrating on a shot. The huge piles of dead ones smelt extremely bad, the decay was strong. :-(

Back to the hotel saw us try the pool but it was too cold and David got eaten by mossies. SO he was sad. Giving up we are crashing for the night to head for Torquay tomorrow.

HMAS Otway @ sunsetModel of sub in HolsworthyPiles of dead grass hoppers

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