Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm melting!!!

I was on morning shift for this Saturday. I was anticipating a day of phones calls and that was exactly what i got. :-( a total shut down meant track machines and points cleaning. I got out for a walk, and stepped into an oven. It got to 43C where I was. Beyond horrible.. Hell would be cooler.
Walked up to the post office, to find it was closed.. Aaarrrgghhh

Back to blessed air-conditioned office. Yay..
King St Newtown
After work, i drove to Evan's place, the closest to the pub. On my way, i walked past a kodak processing place, so i popped in. How much??? She said $12 per 35mm and $15 per 120mm. Hmm expensive.. But I just HAD to see if the clack did nice photos or not. I am sure Koen was curious to see if it worked too. So i sucked up and paid the $15. How much to print? $1.50 per frame. WTF?? um process only please.

We had a pleasant lunch and even Evan and Beau joined us. Beau had charging equipment which put Koen back online. Poor Koen his phone was fried by a charger so he is using my white 3GS. This does mean that his numbers are gone. :-( David was unable to resurrect it, the circuitry is totally fried.

I ran back to the photo lab, and picked up the film. We had a look at the negs and were happy. All the paperwork i had read, recommended ISO 50 or ISO 100, but this ISO 800 film worked well. Screw the instruction booklet, i am going to stick with ISO 400 and ISO 800 like the other 120 cameras.

A visit to Goulds was successful, in that it has not changed, as nutty as it always has been.
Goulds Bookshop
Short browsing

We all drove to Bronte where the boys walked Bronte to Bondi whilst I drove around to meet them. This extreme heat is making me quite Ill. On to South head to stalk the Rhapsody of the Seas.
Rhapsody of the seas
Dinner at the Watsons bay hotel, we watched the sun set over the harbor and drank warm beer. ( the bar's fridge was not coping with the heat)

Watson bay

Watson bay pub
By the time we got home, i was beyond exhausted. The whole household crashed.
I forgot to upload the Clack photos to Flickr. D'oh!! Now it'll be two weeks.
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