Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now where did I get up to?

Firstly holy crap !!! This cyclone Yasi is nor a cat5. The bureau of meterology is saying winds of 300km/hr or more will hit the's highly possible Cairns will be blown away. Just as well we took photos last may... :-( they are also telling us that Mt ISA will get it as a cat 2 and even Alice Springs will feel the effects. Geez!!! For my friends over seas this is a huge distance of a few thousand kilometers. It's unheard of. This thing is bigger than hurricane Katrina. Somethings we should not be bigger and better at. Lets the yanks have the biggest cyclone/hurricane we can do without thanks.
The City of Cairns is essentially evacuated. I cannot imagine wanting to stay. Grab your family and pets and visit friends in Sydney. Seriously get out, the building will manage as best it can. It's stuff after all.

Back to me....
Monday saw me flustered and almost historical as my keys were missing. David eventually found them IN MY CAR and if course my battery was flat. Aaarghhh
David took us to the airport in his car and we made it in time.
Tim was flying a Tiger Moth. A grand old ladies that they are these ones are 71 and 70 years old.
Tim in his Moth

As he went for a fly in the blue skies David and I headed for the end of the runway to shoot the aircraft in the circuit. There was an albatross and I was waiting for it to take off, I spied it at the end of the runway and of course struggled with the Tamron lens missing the shot. Aargghh

Tim returned from his jaunt and we headed for Picton. Popped in to see Phil at Derks and ask if he could water Ink for me (with the side note, she will eat you) and Joan gave me an extremely generous discount on the hatchy boxes I needed. YAY

Tim took us to lunch at the George IV which was lovely. Then we parted ways. David and I headed home. As soon as i stepped into my house, a wall of pain hit my head. It was like being hit with a hammer (I imagine) I was so sick that all i couldn't keep pain killers down. Damn.

After 6 hours, i was able to keep pain killers down and managed to stand up long enough to feel better. Ugh what a way to ruin a lovely morning. Of course now i was supposed to be in bed for morning shift but a midnight i was still not sleepy. Damn.
Below are Tim's shots from his flight.
Menangle Railway Bridge

Allied Mills and Maldon Cement Works

Bulli - Looking South

Appin Coal Mine
Lawrence Hargrave Drive


Lol made this a long post... Onwards...

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