OUr New Macdonalds opening in Picton. Only a tiny store, I was a supporter not because we need a macdonalds, but our youth needed somewhere to hang out and it provides local employment, a scarce thing for the 15-18 year olds.

Picton McDonalds

Not a big opening. Yesterday they were still installing lights and fridges and today, open for business. Lots of people there and the local paper. (Of course)
Our New Maccas Opened Today!

The day was a bit of a rush for me as David needed to do a return at Georges in the city and yesterday I had found a film in the Holga as I went to load it was 35mm. (This week's project) So he went into town and I went with him, then taking the M20 that was late to Danks St and dropping the one roll off. I didn't ask them to process it and mail as I will be returning no doubt the following week.
 At the art gallery in the alcove for the Tap, I saw a lonely, sad looking teddy. I had to take his photo.
Poor Teddy

He is exactly as I found him. I left him for someone else to admire. Or clean or wash whatever. He certainly grabbed my attention. I managed to get back for the early train even though the M20's were late. Three buses came at once each way. Hmmm

Off again for car pick up purposes and then a committee meeting for the Herp meeting. Sigh.

So much for a quiet day.

Tomorrow will not be quiet either with a dental appointment with a specialist and then I think D wants to go to the 50th anniversary of the running of the last Tram in Sydney.
I would really rather be left at home this whirlwind existence is going to kill me.

Of course good shooting would be had at SPER... :-( Torn..


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