Ok my loving husband found a dental surgeon who agreed to see me before June..
So I turned up pre dawn.. or at least it seemed like it. The receptionist had only just arrived and was unlocking the rooms when we arrived.

The surgeon was late. He arrived 15 minutes late and took the appointment after us first.. Huh?? Not making a good impression so far...
We got taken in and finally he came to see me. Around 45 minutes after time. Hmm Poor time management not helped by turning up to work late.

He looked at my poor failing teeth and the x-ray that my mother had talked out of the other dentist. He agreed all my chronic pain was caused by my broken wisdom tooth. This we knew.

Stay on pandene forte and I am to go into hospital on friday. Unfortunately we are away next friday... :-( SO I must wait until the friday after. Sigh.

I warmed to the surgeon after talking to him. Poor David went white as he heard the costs... Today along cost $50.. each tooth will cost $400 the anesthetist will be $800 the hospital god knows.. this is already over $2000... Sigh poor David. Hopefully some of the insurance he wastes money on will cover most of the cost for him. I feel bad but what can be done?  I can't take $30 worth of pain killers a week for 6-7 months
So to my husband who puts up with me being insane, short tempered, annoying, whining and god knows what else. Thankyou. xoxoxoxo

Me n D


  1. Oh, man. You don't get the dental care for free under the national health service? That sucks. Here in America, if you are lucky enough to have regular medical insurance, you still have to pay more for dental and vision coverage. I didn't realize that everywhere else is the same way, more or less.

  2. Well way back when they were developing the free health system, they decided that teeth are not vital to one's health. You can claim IVF from health care but not teeth


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