Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunburnt nose

Today saw me getting up early FAR too early the household was asleep.. I pottered around and of course whilst doing the dishes, dropped something making a loud crash.. When did I become my mother??

I was catching up on morning emailed when people started getting up. :-)
Koen decided that we should get the early train and this idea worked out as the morning oeak had dissipated but the shopping peak had not started yet.  Awesome. :-)

Breakfast at "le quay" cafĂ© in Pitt street was ok, but not their usual standard. :-( David and Koen  arranged a sydney sights pass, which got us all into the tower, the two aquariums and the wildlife world. The sydney aquarium is good for photography for the most part, and wildlife world  has a few interesting snakes so I was happy for the moment, but the day was hot (36 ithe city) and the heat was taking a toll on me. Sigh my already sore feet where really hating me. 
Koala at wildlife world
Stupid sydney ferries has moved the wharf from where people use it, outside the tourist attractions to wharf 3 king St. Who wants to walk to king St FFS. So we missed the ferry. Grunt. Now, with 30 mins up our sleeve we wandered to the other side past the HMAS Vampire, HMAS Advance and HMAS Onslow. David talked his way up the lighthouse for a few shots whilst I took a shot or two with the Clack that Koen had brought with him.
Agfa Clack
This camera is loaded up with the wrong kind of film. Grr, i put ISO 800 instead of ISO 100 due to the 1/30th sec shutter speed. .....soooo I must use it in lower light situations than I would usually. This camera is ultra cool. I can't thank Koen enough for sourcing one. Rare here is OZ, it is very common in Europe and northern USA.
I forgot to use a lens cap when re-winding a film until David pointed out my absent mindedness..sigh.... Ruined a film 
Off to Manly for the old 1960's aquarium. 

Three tired people headed for the Ivanhoe hotel in Manly. Trouble is we had not eaten since breakfast, so long ago. That the two beers, slipped down far too easily.. I had to stop.. 
Shame about their meat, I really with that pubs would buy quality meat instead of supermarket stuff. 

Home and to work at 0300hrs.... Eep

Lotsa yachts


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