Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday was a drug induced fog. I slept most of the day and was woken up by David to go get top and tail waxed. This I could handle. Personal maintenance is always relaxing..

That was tuesday. I buggered up the Geosetting and must start again.

Wednesday saw me out of bed at a ridiculous hour to go to the city. David had an intinery for me to follow so I could follow the simple instructions. I made it all the way to Vision Image Lab in waterloo by bus and back in time to meet Drue and David. I had dropped of 9 rolls of 120mm film, two were E-6 which usually takes 3 days minimum. Total cost including postage back to me (I could no cope with this trip again) $104. OK I had budgeted $100 so that was close enough.

Lisa turned up and the 4 of us went to Circular Quay to see the Queen Elizabeth. It was her maiden voyage, to Sydney. People were mixing her up with the QE2 but this is technically the QE3 but she is only called the QE.. Queen Mary was at Garden Island as she always is.

I have Digital photos but as I am snowed under ATM... I will have to do photos when I get to them. As I said yesterday I buggered up the geosetter so have to start from Scratch.

In the meantime, David was cuddling Yingarana and didn't realise she had gotten a hold in the book case. EEPP. All the books fell as we had to unwind her from her perch
Yingarna on the bookcase

Yingarna on the bookcase

Yingarna on the bookcase


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