Friday, March 18, 2011

A change of pace PIZZA party

Just when I start to get cabon fever,my husband takes me to vote. To normal people this sound mundaine, but to someone locked in the house, its a change of scenery. I got 10 rolls of 120mm film in the mail from the US for $30 a big saving from the $90 for 5 rolls in Alice Springs.

So voting, they didn't need id.. it is the country after all. The labor guy and the liberal guy were looking after each other's paperwork. A big different from the  city areas where I have see animosity.
Two forms as always and of course the upper house is longer than the damned voting booth.
I found great amusement with this part of the Upper house paper
Too funny
After voting, We had a muffin at Quintessential They seem to have found their mojo again. YAY The coffee was ok but not as good at Kim's one. :-( Still better than Joel's
Morning tea
it certainly made a good photo subject. :-)

We sat at home again, the parcel for the Courier was still on the door step. Three days, this was getting rediculous. I send a strongly worded email to DHL and got a response. The lady I was liasing with was trying her best.
The courier arrived just before 1700hrs....He complained that he was booked late, but he was booked three days before! Idiot. Someone is lying but the lady send me booking forms showing that he was booked for wednesday. Hmm Dodgy. BUT the damned box is on its way.

Druey threw a Pizza Party. As you all know I am not a social creature, but its good to get out and I had not seen Ben for ages.

We turned up and spent a very pleasant afternoon, I tried to take photos of the dogs as practice. I was using my Half frame cameras. But I had the Diana on standby. :-)
Me & one of my Dianas

The pizza came and I discovered a new pizza flavour. "Butcher's Block
The ultimate meat lovers experience. Premium offerings from the butcher combine to make this every meat lovers delight! Ingredients: BBQ sauce, chorizo, Scotch fillet strips, short cut bacon, ham, double pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, Hollandaise Sauce and chives."
Its was orgasmic!

David & Chrissie
Staying classy on st Patricks day

David and I were exhausted and we both had appointments the next day.

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