Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 6 Mt Gambier to Colac

A lot of the day was in Mt Gambier. David was determined to see the caves that was had missed the last trip (2 weeks ago)
Brekkie at Sorrentoes but the noise factor in this large cafe was a big downer. The coffee was lovely but I could not subtract bacon from the omelet which meant I had to settle for a breakfast that I was not in the mood for. I asked the waitress what Jews and muslims do and she said you order something else. Fucking good that is. I love omelets and I cant have one and the attitude was too bad. Grunt. She did manage to get chilli flakes for my scrambled eggs so I forgave the cafe a little. Still its unacceptable to say too bad to a customer.

Englebrecht Cave

I did enjoy the caves and I did find it fascinating that cave divers do dive the western cave. it is a hugh grade and so very difficult but wow to crawl over all those jagged rocks with 40KG of gear geez!
Englebrecht caves cheesecake! Yum
Drue, David and I enjoyed a rare treat of cheesecake and I had one of the nicest coffees in ages, dunno if it was the BEST in SA but it was lovely. From here we seemed to drive around and around in circles. Drue got to see the blue lake and it was blue today and we had a brief look at the other crater lakes. I was laked out here and grumpy as to me, we had done all that Mt Gambier had to offer and there are other little towns to explore on the way east. :-( The weather was shitty and so all photos would be grey. Grump.
Blue dreamy lake

Blue lake from Gordon's monument

BUT That is just me when tired. David found a few second had stores and we searched them for the book but to no avail.
Border sign... Second hand cases.. Hmm

More spot fires

David sucks up to the ownerThe drive to Colac was fast, it wasn't that far really, and the people at Colac remembered that we had stayed two weeks before.
Beau and Evan caught up for dinner as they were in the area and we had dinner in the excellent restaurant that the hotel has to offer.
David made close friends with the owner's wife who was delighted at the attention. She was giggly and fun. We got a few bottle of excellent new Zealand wine and dinner partied on.

Lovely White wine

I crashed almost as soon as the boys left for Lorne. Early start for Geelong on Day 7

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