Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 7 Avalon Airshow

An early wake up was easy as we all woke up around 0430hrs. Unheard of. Seriously who gets up at this hour. I had a hole night's sleep which is a first in a long time. I do like this hotel. Really.

All packed and drive out of the hotel on time, except that we needed $10 in cash for the car park at the airshow. Rats. SO we waited for Coles to open and took the opportunity to get supplies for breakfast. 

On the road again only a little late and the traffic was light until the gates which is excellent for an airshow. 

Joined the queue for security and X-ray machine search and as we approached they just let people in. The X-raying was taking far too much time.  Pointless. My bag although offered was ignored. OK....Should brought that beer. :-( No seriously it was silly.

Crowds at AvalonI lost David within 5 minutes and tried to ring Drue who was with him but to no avail. After standing in one place for 10 minutes, Tim rang to say he was at the gate so I met up with him. We found a place by the flight line thinking that we would have time to look at the static displays later. 

David turned up around 30 minutes later with Drue and a bit later Beau and Evan found us. 
The day turned out to be bright and sunny, very hot by the afternoon. all of us got burnt by some degree

Beau gets seen slumming it
Whilst I turn as red as my hair

Unmanned aircraft

All aircraft photos below by Orangetim

Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet

Sopwith Pup

CAC CA-18 Mustang

We waved Tim off on his deathstar flight mid afternoon, and finished watching the show.
Our plan of shooting the Static displays was foiled when we were all ushered out at 1700, way earlier han the 1800 closing time advertised. I was more than a little ticked at this. So I shot almost nothing. Grump.

Came prepared for a long carpark wait
Cold beer and red nose. 

We expected the car park to be a mess and so I  dug out my cold beer that I had in the car fridge and waited. Even offered the guy next to me in a green commodore a old one.

After 30 mins David spotted a way out, woke the guy in the car next to us up and we escaped to the north instead of sitting in the jam. The guy in the green commodore was told to follow our lead and all three us of escaped the gridlock.

Basic but ok
Onwards to Euroa, which was to be our sleeping place.

A simple hotel, it was very 1970's but spacious. The room service was cheap and so we rang our order in, having gone to the Seven Creeks Pub for Dinner. I think the pub gets the chef from the restaurant next door to cook and it was quite a lovely meal.
Dinner at Seven creeks hotel
Back in our hotel room some time later and we all crashed due to a long day in the heat. zzzz

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