Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day work number 1

Asleep early-ish for me, but not early enough. I hauled myself out of bed and found my phone was saying NO SIM
Hmm so I took the sim out and re-inserted it, then again and again.. No luck.
I synced the phone, restored it all to no avail. I out the sim into the iPad and still no sim. So it is the sim card. :-(
I had run out of time and had to go to work. With no phone.

In my break I popped up to telstra, and waited for them to open. It was supposed to open at 9am. At 9.08am the first employee turned up, unlocked and sauntered in. Hmm at 9.10 another employee. So much for 9am opening.

I was served quickly but this telstra Shop had no way of opening my phone. :-( a phone shop can't open a phone. But we got there when she found a paper clip.
She gave me a new sim, saying as it was no charge this time. Umm you were going to charge me? I don't think so

Marrickville telstra is a very odd casual store.

Well back on the network.

Home time and I decided to do some baking
Cooking muffins
Which were devoured when David saw them.
It was election night and I am usually one to sit up at watch the election. I was really enjoying the channel 7 broadcast, funny and had me laughing quiet often with the witty banter, but I had morning shift for Sunday and hence and to go to bed. Well within the first hour my seat was declared so no hanging for a result there.

No surprises and I hope Barry O'farrell takes the baton the people of NSW have given him and does something useful for the people with it.

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