Friday, March 18, 2011

Had a check up

So I had a check up.
Prior, to this mother turned up at my place, alas I was running to the station to give David his phone. She ran into me (not literally) as I returned and told me I had her cat in my lounge room. He had been fighting and needed to see the vet (Who was closed) When I got home, there he was. Meowing. **Sigh** The noise he made was so annoying that I let him out of the cage. Well, then he wandered the house. I heard a thump from the rear of the house and as I walked up, the cat came running out.
One pissed snake and scardy cat told me the cat had sat on Jane's cage and Jane thought I was giving her a fresh (If large ) meal. She had had a red hot go. lol Well the cat learnt fast.
Cat dropped in at my house
Anyway I had to leave for the appointment.
Walked to the Hospital which was actually quite pleasant. I asked at the 3rd floor for Dr Khan. He was busy but after 15minutes, he appeared and took my into the recovery ward. He had a look at my healing wounds, checked my general health and declared that I was healing well. He then sent me on my way. This surgeon had taken time out of his day to see me for free. :-)

I popped into JB hi-fi and asked about re-charging my iPad. I usually have no problems but as I had not been able to afford it before it expired, now I couldn't get it to work. Alicia, showed me a new URL and then told me I could re-charge at JB on my gift cerificate. YAY! She then showed the register guy the codes to type in and then put the code into my iPad. I felt old but damn it I don't care. Wasn't my fault the telstra web-site wasn't working.

Ipad issues solved I had 4 minutes to get the train and therefore cancelled my Campbelltown trip and go home.

I go back to work tomorrow, THEN off to the Hawkesbury herp show. I must rememeber to get money! (Entry fee) I hope D meets me there. :-)

I have been playing with some Apps and I am going to work on my Redbubble and zazzle stores. Drue has given me permission to use the photos I did of his dogs last night.
Koopa with effects added

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