Hermiting in PIcton

The farthest I have travelled in the past three days is.. to the post office and back. I have been trying to catch up on sleep and re-balance my mind as I am not a natural crowd person. As much as I love my friends, being on the road for 20days is hard for me. Especially as I have been in so much pain for all of last month and this month so far.

SOOO What have I done? Three loads of washing.. I even cooked a meal and David didn't die.. I have written a magazine (Pamphlet) on Western Victorian Lighthouses and I have collected the mail.
I have STARTED dealing with thousands of photos but I am picking and choosing rather than all in a linear fashion.

I have spent the last few hours being all emo and sooky about the teeth surgery and hate myself in this mood. Its for the best but I feel like disappearing. Sigh. Can't bloody afford the damned surgery anyway. Got a call today from the anesthetist demanded $40 by tomorrow afternoon. HUH? You knew about this being book two weeks ago why ring the day before the damned money was due. FFS. Make you feel confident huh. Arrogant fucks. LIke they don't have secretaries who could/should have run earlier. Oh we take credit card Well good for you my credit cards are all maxed. and I thin D's are too so I'll just go tout the back. Seriously. 24hrs? what are you the mafia?

A few random photos I did from the holiday to use in the magazine I wrote.
A wild Koala at Otway National Park

I am at a low and ca't be bothered to write my next project. I have been staring at the screen and written nothing, its all in my head but the energy to do it is beyond me.  I need a good slap really.

Swet Magpie posed for me at Broken Hill

Scultpures at Broken hill


  1. Yeah, well the hospital rang this morning demanding $800 tomorrow, and the dentist wants $1600.

    I'll just pluck $2800 out of my arse.

    Forget the solar panels.


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