Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I did nothing. NOTHING!!

the way home was uneventful, we actually had transits on our train. Surprising. I was chatting to a friendly one but he clammed up when his two colleagues joined us. Oh well. I read instead.

Home and sleep.

A quick walk with David to the shops as the cars were at Campbelltown.

Bored huh?? I refused a shift for tomorrow.

Train to Campbelltown where I picked up the missing film. Alas they wanted $5 for it. GRR and only three photos worked out on it. **Sigh** I should have left it there.

Off to Vision Image tomorrow morning before going home. I will have to leave the films for a week or so before I can pick them up as I no longer have the money. **Sugh** I would have liked to get the postal service and save the driving. Oh well.

So that is it a dull day and a dull night ahead.

A friend made me sad just then so bah to today.

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