Lovely weekend

David surprised me with a trip to Newcastle. Now usually Newcastle is Not where people go for a romantic weekend, but the SOFAR show as on. So he kindly took me. I got up early and had a shower and collapsed. :-(
Yay. :-( of course so eventually I crawled back into bed. Poor David wasn't able to fix this.
I recovered enough to help a bit in the packing and then iTunes bricked his phone. So we left late trying to get it to just work.

Reptile Demo

Shane was going to say hi before he headed for bed after night shift. He was waiting when we arrived at the Jockey club. It's good to meet up with friends, but I wished he had time to bring the kids, they would have enjoyed it. But he obey had an hour before he had to head home. A shame, I don't see a lot of him. Hopefully our kids can play on April.
The room got really hot and after a while, I felt faint again. I spent the rest of the show under a tree :-( I missed a bit.

Trees At Newcastle Jockey Club

I got a surprise call from the surgeon who checked on me, and told me to see him on Friday.
Around midday, I needed my drugs so We headed to Macdonalds. I needed salad and so managed a burger without a bun. Hard to eat but the lightheadedness reduced in severity.
A quick trip to goninan for a photo or two for David then he took me to his surprise, he had us to to the last day of Nobbys Head lighthouse opening, usually the gates are shut and you walk around the base of the complex, but it was opened for the week for an art exhibition. David knows I enjoy a lighthouse and this was no different. I had to watch my balance as I was unsteady on my feet, but it was a fantastic view.
Nobbys head last day
Signal Station Nobbys Head
Western side of Nobbys head lighthouse
Peak a boo
We could not actually go inside the little lighthouse (it's 9.8m tall) but I could see the Fensel lens inside. This light is interesting as it's pattern is 2+1 then 20 secs.
I took loads of photos and I was lucky enough to watch a ship leave the harbour. The Grebe Arrow I need to look her up. The pilot was picked up by helicopter and flown back to port but as I do not have a 100-400 this scene was lost. :-(
Protesters in kayaks were um.. Blockading the river.. But of course as a ship came in, the police launch cleared them away. Bunch of kayaks vs a coal carrier? I'll bet on the big ship.
The arrow Grebe Leaves Newcastle
Electric car
Nobbys Harbour Side Beach

After an hour or two ::cough:: we headed off to Fort Scratchley for more photos. Alas we arrived 10 minutes before closing time, but the guides let us in for quick snaps.

Fort Scratchley
Fort Scratchley gun
Nobbys lighthouse is radiating
Stopped into the hotel with the idea to drop bags and swim, but we were grateful to get out of the humidity, have a shower, and as D had come off night shift, he crashed.
Got him up for 1800 for my pills with food, hence dinner. We had the plan to ear in the hotel but the restaurant was closed. WHAT!! nothing on the menus said closed Sunday. No staff member mentioned it. Hmm so we went to reception and asked where he thought we should go.
He directed us up Hunter street to Darley road, and gave is a map with incorrect station names!! This map must have been drawn by the tram lobby as the existing stations had been renamed. Very very odd. The boy said , oh it's and old Map to which David replied must be the stations have been the same names for over 80 years.... Poor kid. Didn't stand a chance.

Random things in Darby st

We strolled up Hunter street. This street, although the main street of Newcastle, is dark and seedy. If this was your first impression of Newcastle, you would never return to this city. The train line Does not divide the city you lunatics, the old run down shops do. The boarded up buildings, the people crouched in the gutter.THIS is the issue, not the train line. Look with a tourist's eyes and you will see. We were quite uncomfortable on Hunter St so we cut across. Found Darley street and amazing, one strip of Thai restaurants, well least they were open.
Lomo Cameras For Sale In Bookshop
I enjoyed the two none food shops and was shocked to see Lomo cameras in the window.
We found a pub, Newtownish, ie renovated and attempting to be fancy, but we went there just because it was not Thai food.
I ordered fish so I could flake it up, and manage the little pieces, alas the fish of the day at this pub in a sea side city, could not give me a good fish. I got tough, dry and crunchy. It certainly didn't come in this week's catch. :-( David was sad for me but its not his fault.
We strolled up Bull St just to avoid Hunter St. Bull St is lovely. Nice old houses, genuine old pubs and an old fire station.
Stopping at Maccas, we had a pleasant chat to the McCafé girl. She said to not wal around the main street too late after dark... Oh great... She was a delight. Bubbly, friendly and made us certainly smile. :-)
I'm back in bed. Did far too much, and juggling medication and food it hard when away from home, still a restful weekend away (day 2 is tomorrow, the journey home)
I may hand over this iPad and await the new one.... Hmmm can I live for two weeks?

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