Thursday, March 24, 2011

missed a day

as I was on night shift and go on to day work my thursday is a none day. It gets cancelled as wednesday has to be two days long for my body clock to reset to am shift.  I can see, all my shift working friends are nodding in agreement and all my office drone friends are going HUH??? You are awake for 30 plus hours?? LOL
This proves us shift workers are a different species entirely.

Congratulations to the Amazon (She knows who she is) on her admission to the sheltered workshop. Remember hunny a shit day on the railway is better than a good day in retail.

SOO after work, I hung around the box. I wanted to get the film I had dropped off almost a month ago and put in the slide films I had been collecting.
I chatted to a random man on the street, also waiting for his film pickup and we had such a good talk we din't notice the shop had opened. lol great to meet such an interesting person.
Teddy was still in his alcove. I should bring him a friend if he is there next time. He looks so sad. I did a series on his this time. I have a pink abandoned teddy who could keep him company
PoorTeddy Series

I grabbed my film, dealt with the condescending salesman. He hates me but the quality of work done by this lab is so awesome I suck it up and headed home. I was tired but no sleep allowed.
Traffic was light for 8am, it was slow but it kept moving. I I relaxed and cruised. Awesome.

Home and as I was in my night shift clothes, I mowed the front lawn. The back needs attention, but I just couldn't face it.

On to PS3 this kept me awake until D came home.

I am crashing - 2130hrs. I had gone around the clock. Day shift on  sat

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