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Friday as you know was the day the ipad2 was released. I spend the day putting shit on the fanboys who had spend a mosquito ridden night on the cement in front of the temple of apple. I was amused greatly at the young people freezing themselves and some going hungry just for something I will get on interest free the next day. Stupid people.

I watched queues form and the twitter stream go nuts over the community that had formed in the queues.

David returned home around 1400hrs. He wandered in and out taking my voda with him. After a while I caught on to what he was doing.. Ringing local stores for stock levels. I shrugged and kept typing.

Finally around 1730hrs he said, "let's go"

Um ok , where?
Dick Smith, there are 7 iPads 2 in white.

So we went to Campbelltown. Arrived at 1747hrs, downstairs and into the store, the guy closing the doors pointed to the desk and at 1751 I had an iPad. No waiting time at all. Not mosquitos, not getting a chill sitting on the footpaths.

Fanboys are stupid.

My friend Drue, went to penrith. Had an afternoon snack and just before 1700 strolled across to JB hi-fi and bought his iPad. No waiting time. No queues.

Fanboys are stupid.

I think the same story was repeated with Troy. He had his iPad with no stress.

Ipad2 unboxing

Ipad2 unboxing

I value myself and my time too highly to queue for days for an electronic deviice that although I adore, I can wait a day or two. My life will not end if I don't get the first one.

I had my synced and was in bed before the fanboys had theirs done.

Squeak Blogged about his very first iPad the iPad2..here it has nice pictures and everything

We celebrated at five-o's. This pub is funny. It has $5 meals but that only includes mash. Chips $4.50 extra. Vegetables $4.50 extra. Meh I don't care. My squid $5 was good as was my bottomless cup of drink. I did get a free salad but it was struggling to get to average.

Onwards to the hero committee meeting. Having David there was helpful and it looks like there is a chance we will get stuff up and running. David is assisting and Ryan is doing the behind the scenes stuff. :-)

The only other thing of mild interest is that I finally got around to fixing the colorsplash flash from Lomo. It got a filter caught inside the moving part so all photos had purple.

Fixing the colorsplash

So now it is all fixed. No stressing about couriers and postage etc. Just 5minutes of fiddling and violà.

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  1. I'm with you on the fanboys.

    Though, here it is a week (or two?) after the release of the iPad 2 here in the States. I went to my local Apple Store to buy a 16 GB Wi-FI version and they were out of stock.


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