Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Routine blessed routine

Foggy In Maldon
A fogy start to the Morning

I woke up later than usual, David was already home. He fell asleep quickly though as Day work is terribly fatiguing. I had no car and so braved the elements and walked down to the post office. If it had not been so muggy, I would have enjoyed the day but it was like walking through a greenhouse.

Humid Autumn Day
Looks calm but  its so humid you can see mould growing

Posted one item,it worked out cheaper to express post it. Weird. The other I got the satchel as I know what the buyer wants to do.. Saves doing it tomorrow. Hiked back up the hill and straight into the shower for relief from this weather. Ensconced under a fan, I didn't want to move, but David had woken up. He actually wanted to risk my cooking so I made my usual. Unfortunate that it gets stuck in my gum.. :-( more salt water to try to clean my mouth. Oh well one day at a time.
The weather was now odd, blue sky but raining. And quite heavily too. This meant sundry was amazing. The sky lit up,but soon after arriving at the station to go to work someone flicked a switch and the colour all vanished. It was that sudden.
Work was dull so enjoy the photos I did of the sunset clouds.

Sunset series. Picton
Across from my house

Sunset series. Picton
Three doors down

Sunset series. Picton
Picton Railway station Carpark

Sunset series. Picton
My old signalbox looks over the fiery sky

Sunset series. Picton
Different view from the platform

David found out the issue with my camera so the Chayka needed taping. He discovered a light leak on the wind on spool grump.

Repairs to chayka

Repairs to chayka

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