So I am alive

According to my work doctor. :-) Least for 5 years.

Marrickville Street photography

Monday I had the dreaded 2am wakeup, at this time of day, my body gets through the get up , shower and dressing without my brain and usually with my coffee in hand, but brain catches up somewhere on the train.
This monday, I was groggier than usual, dropping things, at my brain didn't engage. I was tripping on things, dropping things at work and even Catherine asked what was wrong as I was really out of it. Megan asked me to stay back 2 hours to study some stuff on the New freight line. OK.. unhappy but OK.. Trouble is a few dozen of Managers came at 1pm and took her time. SO it was after 2pm when she got to us. There were only 4 of us who hung around by this time. There was no WAY I was staying back after night shift.. so I stuck with it.
Glad I did. Not sure about the changes but as you know I just have to suck it up and work it as safely as possible.

ARTC are simply nuts.
I managed to escape to miss the connection to the 1530, so headed into town for the 1549 direct service. Horrible as an excursion of school children were controlled but loud. Damn loud talking did no one teach inside voices??

Had a quiet afternoon. A quiet beer and watched TV with David. I crashed early but David had dinner ready so I got up to have that . It was yummy but I was too sleepy to stay up. 

Tuesday Medical Day
Had to haul my arse to into town for my yearly work medical. I was hoping to catch up with Jane but as she was stuck in meetings I had to sit alone at Michael's Not so bad, the barista there is good. One of the few places that make a decent coffee


After a relaxing coffee I headed off to the medical centre my boss has contracted this year. I have been to so many different places over the years. I know Tim was at this place for his medical but David had to go somewhere else. Huh.

The wait was reasonable, the nurse I got was wonderful. She was friendly, chatty and made a valid point... as you all know I am not a skinny minnie, she said have you ever been??? Have you ever in your life been thin with a flat stomach? The answer is no. So her response was, then why worry about it. Keep up your exercise and just accept that you are cuddly and always will be. Stop stressing. 

Wow how different is this lady to the nurse at the medical 5 years ago who stared at me in horror the exclaimed my god you are obese!!

I have said it before and I'll say it again. Customers (patients) respond to people who seem to really care if you live or die. This lady went on the say her twin (Yes how cool is that!) was 6'5" and she will never be that tall why let it worry her. Her sister is like me and will never be 'thin" but like a lot of people in my weight category, are fitter than the rake thin people. 

I know all this but to hear it from a pretty blond  and slightly older woman it sounded new and different. Can I bottle this lady?

The Doctor was the hold up. I needed his signature to certify that I will not die int he next 5 years unless I get hit by a car or bus on the way out.
He was friendly, made sure I was happy for a male doctor to touch me (Shrug a handsome 20 years old? Sure no problem) and I was asked for my work ID. I handed the wrong one, realised and say "Oh! That is not the droid you are looking for" to which he cracked up. I just stared at him.  A Gen Y doctor who gets Gen X pop culture... OK... Hope for them yet, he asked how I was and about my teeth surgery how I was healing about drugs and at the end I wanted to see just hoe much Gen X pop culture he knew so said "I spend the last year dead for tax reasons" He looked up. Thought about it and said , where is that from. Aw he didn't know Douglas Addams.
Douglas Addams, the restaurant at the end of the universe it s was book 3. Oh he said I'll look that up. 

Some testing on my ageing joints and my knees for once did not crack!! or bubble.. All my joints were behaving.. :-)
I was hoping I could catch up with Jane after the Medical, but I saw a connection in 7 minutes. So It will have to be another time :-( 

Train home and I got the car, seeing Jane had left me a note on my windscreen. LOL 
Quiet arvo and then after it got late David reminded me that I have a 12 hr shift tomorrow :-( 


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