Friday, March 11, 2011

SO I survied

A horror of a day as I had to sit in a tiny room with 6-8 other people all dressed in hospital garments waiting waiting waiting. A lovely lady called Stephanie fell asleep after 2 hours and a great kid called Victor was telling us that he had just signed up for 15 years in the Airforce. AW This I live to hear. He is 19 and will get great life skills that most of his generation will not. Awesome.
In a stroke of sereditpity, his best friend was also in surgery for his wisdom teeth as well, same dentist, same day etc.. Quite funny. They live close to each other but neither knew until today when they met in admissions.

What else do I have to do

As the hours ticked by, I ran out of magazines, and resorted to the iPhone. Stephanie mentioned that she wished she had her iPad. SIGH Me too. I have so many magazines that I am behind it. Grump

David had had three of my films processed. AW xoxo
The fish eye february worked well. the other two were disappointing.
Fish Eye February

so now I am sore, headachy, and waiting for D to get home.
Considering all that I think I managed quite well. I was alone because the hospital forbade hand holders. D tells me he was there at the hospital from 1400hrs. They left him up to level 3 at 1700 but I was still under.. :-( the health system has a strange time system. They said to him 30 mins more, but I was not able to leave before 1900...
The nurses outside were getting concerned about that gentleman... just as
I escaped.
How Tim managed to spend 15plus years in that environment I will never

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