Tearing my hair out

Two days of incredible frustration.
I feel ants are crawling under my skin, such is the need to so something. I have been housebound for the courier to come. I managed to get out of the house after a phone call yesterday to tell me that the courier will arrive tomorrow (Wednesday) SO I went to the Bank as requested by virgin. They will not send me a cheque but want my bank to reverse payments. Just send me a damned cheque!!! So the poor teller and the local bank manager trawled through the payment going back 11 fortnights. 11!!!

It looks like I will be refunded the money but I do not know when. It depend on the bank and how fast they wish to action this stupid request. SEND ME A CHEQUE!! AARGHH

SO After a long time at the bank we managed to get home. 

The credit card companies want money of course and I am more than happy to pay them if I had money but I have been off work for 6weeks.  I have been good and bought nothing off ebay and the items filtering through were purchased prior to going off and its just taken a long time to get to me. (Understandable really as the Ukriane and Russia have shit postal services. ) 
I was hoping for the reversal to come through to pay either vodafone who threatened to cut off my mobile (Big deal I don't use it anyway)  or pay one of my credit card debitors.

I am selling my spare items on ebay but that costs money to sell I did sell a Holga today. It was almost  totally new and I didn't like playing with it. I never bonded with it. 

My Chayka I Adore and you will pry it out of my cold dead hands... BUT the others in my collection, If its may of plastic and lomo then I will probably sell it. I am keeping the diana F and the DIana F+ but the mini I am considering selling (New in box and sealed) the Sprite 35 ( As new in a ratty box) I have already listed my fuji 3D camera and my little lappy will be next. I need to get my small tablet off mother and will sell that.  I am running outta electronics.. I have two other laptops, an EEEpc (which I used a lot its a good handbag machine) and a Asus. 

Any other ideas?

A kidney? can't get money for body parts  in OZ that that is out.

Was annoyed when told something about a pot calling a kettle black but not I just don't care. I don;t remember a time that I have been this badly off. I've always had an out but this time no out. I needed to go back to work last weekend.  Damned teeth. 

And to top it off I can't drink as the drug I an taking don't mix. But getting to the end of my tether and may have to risk it. One more bank phone call and I am getting out the vodka.


right now to write a lizard article maybe some one will buy that.. I could make more postcards.. at 1c profit each i need 1000 postcards sold. Anyone???


  1. Extension on the mortgage maybe?
    This nice friendly man in Nigeria had some money he needed to share..
    Seriously.. need a loan?


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