as I have been asked the question...

In relation to my modifying of a 120 spool to fit a 620 box brownie (See film blog) I have been asked if it works accurately (well as accuratley as an 1903-1960 camera will work)
Here is the answer.

RE - Franken spool

As the space for the exposure is the same in all Box brownies and the numbers are on the film itsself.
There is no guess work as the numbers line up correctly in the red window and the photos work fine.

Trust me, it works. Try to have the same spool top and bottom (Or left and right is you have a bakerlite one) and it will work but that doesn't really matter.

If you are tempted but the cheapeness of 220 film, I would say don't do it unless you have a 120/620 backing paper and are willing to cut a length to the backing paper size (In the dark) then sticking it to the film.. aarghh too hard and may not work as 220 film in thinner that 120/620. There is no chance of using it without any backing paper as I have said the film is thinner and will not take up in the same nuber of rolls of the winder.

Now the back of the camera (In a box brownie) has a number it will say 116 or A620 or some such thing.

This is the FILM SIZE not the model number.
To the guy who tells me he uses 120 and it doesn't work, that is because you are using a 2-A which uses 116 film. This is a much BIGGER format to 120 and thats why the numbers don't line up. Telling me you bought 120 in the 1960s is not going to change the fact that your camera is 116 format not 120. PLease buy a 116 and try that all will become clear.
(Also why ask a question and arguye with the answer? (You could google the same result)

ANY questions don't heistate to ask.
I have lots film is you don't wanna do it yourself. :-)


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