Been Busy But Not Busy

Monday and Tuesday were thankfully quiet for me. Tuesday at work made the papers and of course everyone is an expert. :-/
Fabian basically took the AE-1 especially when a 50mm lens appeared in the mail. He shot the rest of the roll of film in the camera and asked me to put a new roll in. I also lost my Leningrad2 light meter... A well he learnt how to use it and so it was worth it.
Wednesday was a wash out, we were supposed to be meeting friends and his kids but he either forgot or just didn't care. Either way Fabian was left without a trip and was subjected to another day with me. He continuedmwith his photography and played with my PS3.
Thursday saw us going to River Island, with Drue coming with us. We finally got away when Davjd woke up and packed the car.
Arrival at Mittagong and we saw a sign for a reptile demonstration. Cool so we stopped to watch this guy. He was cool. A good educator, he kept the kids' attention for the whole time. Not one small face turned away from his show.

Anyway after his excellent Demonstration, we gathered supplies and headed to River Island. Fabian vanished to play pool and the boys got to fixing the mounts for the solar panels. By late afternoon/ early evening Fabian & I were by the pool. There was another set of boys the same age as Fabian but they had gone to dinner. Col came out and told my child off although it was not him. My child was sitting quietly. The other boys were the ones upsetting the locals. Grrr I set Col straight and Fabian was allowed to stay. It's pretty poor that the kids have no pool as their pool is broken. The big pool is too cold to swim in 11 months of the year as they refuse to heat it. It irritates as they spend thousands fixing the barn which is vacant most of the year and didn't need fixing, but refuse to put solar on to host the pool. :-/ it's becoming very un child friendly. I fully understand in peak times but there is NO ONE here in winter geez.

Fabian stayed were he was.

In the am, I took Fabian up to the pool in Kid's time fully willing to kick any adults put as they had done to the kids last night. Fair is fair. Luckily only the father of the boys were there so I stayed for a bit then left Fabian ti play with his kids. He was happy to babysit.

We headed off around 1500, the Picton mail was disappointing, and then home. We only had a minute before heading off to drop Fabian back home as then off to the herp meeting.

The BBQ was as a success. :-) yay !! As I had been vocal in getting it set up before the meeting. David did his bit and bought 4 sandwiches for himself and 1 for me (I only wanted 1)

Rhonda had three bluesy for sale and a family of buyers turned up. They chose the one I was playing with (of course) and at the last minute chose a new one

Grump. Anyway I know David has always wanted a Bluetongue. I like them too but found beardies need too much feeding. The bluetoungue likes the same fruit as I do and with the addition of mince or cat food, will be a better fit into our household.
And Rhonda made him an offer he found it hard to walk away from. :-)

So we got Optimus Prime. Why ? Cause his neck marking looks like the transformers symbol. Now to research blueys.

Work was confusing as I had totally forgotten a swap that I did with Ahmed. Oops!!


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