been a while

and it not that I have done nothing.. well actually I have done nothing. But been busy doing it. :-)
Night shift has settled into my favourite  rhythm and I have been happy to go and work for once. Had constant stream of traffic and an ops controller I get along with so happy nights for me.
Days have been sleeping in, I find I only sleep on night shift, Day shift and Arvos mean less hours sleep so more fatiguing.

I wrote a tutorial on Zone focusing, I find writing these mini essays gets the ideas into my head and I hope it helps others. Maybe will publish it?? They certainly didn't like the film ID one. :-(

Waratah At Sydenham

Saw the Waratah twice this week. LOL and hence tried to use it as a subject for my tilt shift practise. Its not easy getting the toy effect. Troy did it well with camera genius or something but damned if I could but I think I am getting it...

Bye bye Waratah
Playing with tiltgen -gundagai NSW
Still trying to get tiltshift right-Port Augusta SA

and that brings me to today where I found out that I can earn frequent flyer poins from ebay WTF??? Why was I not told before !! OMG!! I should be able to fly to China by November... at least.. LOL Well I will have to make an effort to log in the correct way.. I wish I knew this in January

Tomorrow night is a double back.. SO I have to find a sleeping spot.. :-( I hate double back but there is no way to avoid it... :-(
Woomera South Australia


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