Hmm so I reached the final straw

A shame as I did really enjoy his company in real life, he is warm and funny. A welcoming host ready with coffee but his online persona is nasty, whiney & plain rude. Jekell and Hyde? I kept up the online follow due to my liking of the real man. But a personal attack online was the final straw.
I dared to Unfollow. People have threatened but never done it. Today I did it.

So now I see of course he never liked me. True friends wait and see if you get over it. True friends see of you are ok. I got neither. I get retaliation and more hurt.


Least I know. Fair weather friends I can do without.

Being on a roll, I gave my best friend a serve. They needed a kick up the bum too. I got a different reaction. Still friends and Still cool. Sometimes you need a reminder that others are around.

Two differing reactions from similar incidents.

Shows where I stand eh??

Well as I said least I know.
And one less degree of separation.

Total perspective votex.

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