Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Night Shift

After a confusing weekend on day work then arvo, I have returned to my routine of night shift. This, of course makes me a very boring person.. But hey, I am comfortable in my rut. I do have Friday and Saturday off but no too fussed. As it is a stupid public holiday weekend I hope to work on of these days, we shall see. I have got sunday and monday so can't complain.

An iPod stand arrive today. I am very happy with it. I was annoyed it took a month to arrive but it's here now.. Excellent for time lapse and HDR shooting.

Old film
Also In the mail were two old 620 films. I was going to use them but in the advent of my solution to my 620 problem, (see my film blog)I think I will offer them to the guy in Broken hill. They are right up his alley.

Continuing story of BBF

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