Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skin Flicks: The Mouth of Hell

Skin Flicks: The Mouth of Hell

This is the most astounding thing I have ever seen. I agree with this blogger's points too but to see such a thing! Wow. Just wow.

Can't rememebr what I am up to blog wise, I have been a bit outta the loop socially and time-wise.
I started working in a paper Christchurch cathedral. It took 7 hours to get it to pre stick stage.. And I htink it has 5 hours to go. OF course my paper is not the correct weight so my catherdral is a little off kilter but the building is unmistakable. (If you know churches)

7hrs work. Not finished and not glued

Work was semi busy due to re arrangement of Liverpool and the taking over of Enfield. But thats OK I LIKE busy.
STraight after work, I dropped in at Inara's and she had coffee.. Hmmm as it was a cold morning, I happily accepted it.
I was ropeable that I missed the towing of the Ex-HMAS Adelaide out of Sydney. I have been waiting for a year and she picked the day I had to be elsewhere. Under a police escort too!! Very sad making.

SO no final photos for me. BUT there are some great photos in the Manly Daily.

pin up girls before and after

Squeakaz made fav photo of the past week
CityRail's new Waratah Train or A Set - A3
I do like a sunrise photo

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