Sunday, May 1, 2011

And life goes on

Day to day.. I was happy to see the mail even if nothing terribly exciting came. My big birthday box is still in transit. RATS.
Missed Drue's birthday party due arvo shift, I also missed the open day at the St Mary's gun club. I had been looking forwards to that too but with my shift, impossible.
David had to drop off film to Tim for me as I was already on my way to work :-( From what I hear, they had to meet at Maccas as Tim had also left for work.

Tried to shoot Gavin's car with the Agfa, but the film has become detached and curled into the cavity. I will assume it is an total write off, as it can only come off at the beginning. I have a whole backing paper neatly rolled onto the 120 roll and film all curled in the middle :-/ argh. Well this is why I use the $3 film not the $15 film. Trouble is, I have no more $3 film ..... :-( well I will try a new technique when I get a spare 116 spool.

Met a friend of David's, quite a pleasant guy, not sure about my snakes.

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