Burning the candle at both ends

I am seriously going to be Ill at this rate, I am now sleeping in lots of 3 hrs and doing that three times a day. Ok that's 9 hrs but in between are hours and hours of work (usually) then a nap then another activity.. I am tired all the time.

Male roughieToday was worth it. Although every single person who said they would go didn't, I had David drag me up to the Hawkesbury show. (in felt sorry for the friends that missed out. There was am lot of good people there and it was only $5 pp)I say Dragged as I had just arrived home from work and had to turn around and go out to penrith. Sleeping is for pussies.

I do enjoy the herp society shows. It's become a meeting of people I know but have no contact with except within the walls of a snake show. This one was no different. The vet who taught us in TAFE and showed us how to do an autopsy,was there, the instructor who ran the badly run advanced python course was there, lots of keepers that I know quite well and of course my society was there. Our society took out several firsts and best in show. HAHAHA we totally hijacked the show with our southern animals.
I looked for Marilyn and of course went the opposite way to the way I was supposed to and she was the last stall, next to the first stall I went to. Aarggh.

She handed over my rough scaled pythons and the usual manual and feeding records. I do like the professional way they Give all the history especially as these snakes had been fussy feeders like last year's batch.
The main issue is we are trying to force an animal to eat something it doesn't naturally eat. I am a quail feeder and so have no issues with feeding birds to the snakes and I actually had no pinkie mice :-(

After a quick chat with Macherps people and David raiding the extreme pets stall for the super show bargains (50% retail which for once is a bargain) we headed to Tim's place for a delivery. Tim and I had time now to have a good look at my Rough scaled pythons. The male is very very thin. He is as round as a string but a cute ottos bug eye'd face. Ah I remember why I fell in love with this breed. The female was not really handled as she was Blue( ready to shed) her eyes were a topaz blue as well. My othernsnakes get milky eyesnhers were a brilliant blue. Amazing. They have not really developed the keels on their scales yet and only seem a little rougher than the usual python.
I was beyond help now and needed to sleep. The exhaustion that makes you feel ill. Luckily Davidd was driving and I went to bed soon after restoring his iPhone to usability. I hadnto boot it with a windows computer, as iTunes has rendered his phone completely useless.

If I can't get a long deathlike sleep soon I will be unable to function. :-(

I took 3 photos and I know David got one good photo of the male roughie.
Hawkesbury snake show

I have been working on both February trips simultaneously so here are a few random shots
Gundagai station

Gundagai station

Kings Canyon


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