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But not doing much. I have caught up on my other blog. You can go there for a general update I didn't really leave anything else out. The more personal stuff is dark crap anyway.


happy 10th anniversary to Robin and Tim plus Jane and Bob

I'll repost tuesday

May 6
Tim popped over today. Both D and I do enjoy a visit, especially from a fellow herp who can help with the snakes. This time he talked to Optimus. Alas his visits are quite rare.
Today he brought gifts. He brought over two whole boxes of TAB and delightfully small and rare folding camera. It is so small!!! Makes my Six-20 look huge. I am thrilled to have this in my collection. It does not have light tight bellows but other than that, the shutter works on all speeds. I'll work on a work around for the bellows issue.
I had a look at Tim's two Box Brownies. He has a C and a D both younger than my flash II but around 15 years younger than my Box Brownie 2. His C is a good piece, with slide film it should give him excellent results. The D, well it needs repair or we need to find a better example and use it for parts. It should still give good results if Tim remembers to tape it's back as the rear door does not sit square. Interesting pieces and fills a gap that my collection has. I showed Tim how to load 120 film... :-)As a friend cancelled coffee with an hour's notice, we headed for Tahmoor and the the Quintessential for breakfast. No actual shots taken but the study of new cameras made it a photo day.May 8Sunday saw me reasonably calm which is a first for Mother's Day. I loathe this day. I took no film photos so nothing much to report.
I did work on my outstanding pile of digital photos....may 10David, Tim & I got up at some unreasonable hour to go South Head. The HMAS Perth was arriving in Sydney
I shot some film of Hornby lighthouse as the sun struggled to break through the clouds. I think they will work out, the test shots done with the iPhone did but not as Rich as I would have liked in colors. After this the cloud rolled in and that was the end of it. Rain, grey clouds, wind you name it. Then the HMAS Perth entered the heads. Of course it's become traditional grey ship, grey seas, grey skies. SIGH
We headed off for breakfast at the Wahwah lounge a place of excellent coffee. Yummy as always before picking up 6 rolls of film. The previously stated 3 rolls of 1960/70s film plus my slide film. Tim generously covered the bill but we got only 5 rolls back. Ah the one found in the camera most likely.. Though it's hard to tell.. I got 6 spools back and so I know there were 6. We were only charged for 5 so it's all good.

Off to town, Tim & I bid David goodbye as he got off at central to go to work, and we headed for Photo Reisel we were served by Marcus who was an excellent salesman. He could not help us with the Japanese film but an older gentleman correctly identified it and told Marcus who to ring. The reply from the other end of the phone was not good news. Grump. Anyway we browsed and I got Fabian a 75-200 FD mount lens for his AE-1 which Marcus tested for me. We played with expensive lens that Tim & I could not afford on combined incomes and then after a pleasant 90 minutes left.

A quick stop at Georges then Apple and we headed for my work for coffee. Alas there was no power in marrickville so Tim headed off to work, except the contractors had blocked our gate and he was stuck in the compound! Talked to the foreman who asked the Truck driver to move. This huge semi reversed up the Fraser park driveway.

Arvo shift for a few days so minimum time at home :-(

That was Tuesday. I took a day in today and have Regretted it the whole day. I had an attack of the sads set off by an innocent comment from a friend and it has really just mutated into a general funk.
I just wanna be home with a bottle a bad urge but one that I will probably follow through onIn the meantime
Here are some photos from Tuesday.

VKPT Steams in to the heads

Sunrise and bad weather coming in

Hornby Light house at dawn

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