Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I hate the first week of May

up to and including the 2nd sunday.
I hate my birthday. It reminds me how shitty life can be. Really.
My husband was away on a 12 hour shift (Not his fault)
One of my close friends forgot. REally. It was only after he was prompted and then he forgo that he was coming down on Saturday and is now working. Gee thanks.
I spent the day doing the dishes and that's all. Of course I could drink as I am rostered on tonight.

Fucking fabulous.

Fuck birthdays. Everyone says Happy Birthday but who really cares? And really unless I die its just that I didn't die that its my birthday. I don't mind the passage of time but using the date I was expelled from a womb has nothing to do with me. Send presents to my mother.

As for mother's Day Again for the 9th year running I will not see my son. I am not ever allowed to see him on Mother's day. SO that sux. Bring on 12 hr shift.

Its my blog and I'll wallow in self pity if I want to.

I got my big box on Monday. This was a glimmer or happiness.

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