More success. plus update Photo heavy

Busy week and too busy to do much. :-( Dropped a whole lot of film at Visiion image and then thought to myself. I can develop this myself. Of course this occurred to me over coffee..AFTER I had dropped them off GRR

Wahwah lounge coffee is the best

I highly recommend this cafe. I got a deceased estate camera. Its outside casing it simply terrible. Most of the leatherette is peeling off and its rusty but when you opne the camera, its simple loveliness hits you. This was owned by a man and he lovingly tended to the mechanics of this camera. I took lots of photos of this camera. Its just lovely (On the inside)
kodak vest pocket series III

some others turns up and I had people ask for comparisons.
all different sizes

Hipstamatic released a new film and two new lens

I got some mystery film and we got a few photos off them (did I blog this already?)
Mystery 1970s film from the states or Canada

Mystery 1970s film from the states

UK Mystery film

UK Mystery film

Some lighthouse photos worked out
Hornby Light house at dawn

as did the HMAS Perth
HMAS Perth

Squeak inspired me to do milky water..
bad weather coming in

I picked up my two snakes
Chose this female and And this male

I have been working on some Feb phtoos
Thorny Devil SO CUTE!!
Kings Canyon

But for the most part Work has been the only thing in my life :-(
Mick's Cafe Its all I seem to do. This roster is three on one off but the one is a pjama day and you work until 6am on that day. :-( Not really a day off but luckily only two weeks of this roster to go.. (or one now)

Holbrook sunset
Holbrook Submarine at Sunset

I finally got to Camperdown to get my fixer and I can finally develop at home. (You know this from the previous blog post. and here are my results. (And Fabian's as he shot most fo the roll)


Fabian's shots
Learning to use the Canon AE-1

Learning to use the Canon AE-1

Learning to use the Canon AE-1

Learning to use the Canon AE-1

I tried another film. this was from a test camera that was not proven to be working and of course it was the wrong sized film for the camera.
The Box Brownie No1 this one from 1904 used 117 film which does not exist. SO I shaved down a 120 spool and put 120 in the camera. It is almost the correct size


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