Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning shift

Dreaded morning shift. Due to the extremely stupid and discriminatory rules regarding night shift only, I swapped 5 of my 6 day shifts away. Why not all 6? Because some retarded office drone probably under 25 decided that nit shift is more tiring than day work. This is not true for a night person who has worked night shift for longer this shit has been alive. And how does getting up at 2am get to be less fatiguing than going to bed at 6am? Either way you miss out on traditional REM sleep patterns, not that I can sleep at night.
So I have one rogue am shift.
And I was fatigued. Thank you office Drone.I hope you get forced into work you hate forever for the disservice you have done to all shift workers who have managed for centuries without your rules.

Traffic on the princess hwy was heavy as therefore almost all of arvo shift was late. Not their fault, a truck got jammed, I a told. Doesn't help me but I did a quick handover and bolted for the last train that may meet with the connection. Lucky for me it was late. Only a minute but that was enough to allow me to catch it. Phew!

Been looking into wine developing... Could be a good use for red wine that I open but only drink one glass... Bit more fiddly though... Hmmm

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