Friday, May 27, 2011

Rats ran out of Internet

The week has been a bit of a blur, at some point it the week, Monday I think, David and I had a lovely dinner with Troy. That was probably the week's social highlight. :-) of course ate too much food and couldn't fitmin my 26 course dessert.

Taking the train on Tuesday saw my drowned by Sydney's early winter weather so I took refuge in Celinis. Always warm & welcoming. Bob, Jane's husband kindly gave me a lift to work on wednesday, which was Tim's 36th and Jim's 40th birthday.

I have been have some fun with the Kodak starlet camera, but more on that in the other blog.
One month before the moon landing, my film expired

I have also enjoyed playing with word photo. Not a hugely useful app but entertains me ATM.

My iPhone tells me it is over its 3Gb i do hope my billing month rolls over in the next day or two.. Anyway I am not dead, just don't want to run up a huge bill. I have already gone over by 0.05Gb and they have charged me $7. Thanks Telstra. Still least they are not vodafone... That reminds me.. My vodafone should expire in the next month or two so I can Toss it and put the money to good use.

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