Tuesday, May 17, 2011

still alive

Click 1Still burning the candle from the previous post.
I got up at 1400 yesterday and by 1500 I had a call to come in for 12 hrs. I then go to a further call to come in on thursday for AM shift to which I flatly refused. I would have finished 6am wednesday, gotten home at 0730, and been at at 2am the next am. SO I compromised and agreed to a 1600 shift on wednesday. Well in my defense, wednesday will get screwed anyway being a pajama day so I may as well doze at work and get paid. zzzzzzzzzzz

I woke up today to a call for another 12hrs but a minute before i had promised David that I would be home so I refused.

Grump. trouble is i need the work due to the electricity company threatening to cut off our power. :-( I am hoping to be able to pay off the debt very soon.

Been in a funk but I got a camera yesterday that, when I opened the back i found an almost rolled off film. It was enough to bring about an upwards trip YAY for surprises.
A guy from the UL is sending me two rolls for free and a friend from Yak and now IG was going to send me his old film. :-) YAY again. Ah the generosity of strangers.

Alice was unusually agressive yesterday AM. She was savage and I thought maybe she is hurt/injured. But when she calmed down I didn't see any thing wrong. So I defrosted a chicken. A sick snake will not eat.. I left a chicken in her cage today and by the times I woke up. hmmmmm

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