Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another day

I read a thoughtful Article on the the Apug forum. A member pondering if using film is embarrassing. You can read it here

Mildly curious as to how my predictions I gave to someone works out. At the time he told me he knew how to work the system but he has never come across the evil might of the CSA. They care not for you. They will rape you of all money and leave you in the gutter. Trust me. Whilst ever you are employed they will take it. If you don't pay they will garnish your wages. And it's not all the ex's fault. I witnessed a friend's ex-wife receive a call whilst we were there visiting here (I was mutual friends with both) from them saying your arrangement is not enough and we can hit him for more.. Just sign here. They bully both sides to justify their cause. They are truly evil. I think if you don't sign with their ideas they send heavies to your door. Really. I don't wish them on anyone. Shoulda sent them after Bin laden 10 years ago and it would have been solved in a year. They are that evil.

The 12 hour shift was a killer and I had to nap for 90 minutes before o could make it home. I had been Awake 26hrs in total and driving was out of the question.I should say no but I need to pay bills. My rostered hours without extra overtime is 96 so this just rounded it to 100.

Celini's has been closed since Tom went to Bali. Bastard. I have been drinking 7/11 coffee which I getting used to. Sad innit?

Airport tunnel #train #station #tracks #railway

I have been chatting to some ppl on IG who interested in film and rolling film. This makes me happy to see people finding out film is not dead and yes you can buy it.

One lady has a petite camera, I hope she posts a photo I would live to see it. I would be happy to send her one of my colour rolls just to get her started. :-)

Wish I was home to spend more time with D it's been ages since I get to spend more than 2 hrs with him. Alas my next Pjama day falls when he is away.
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