A day trip to Parramatta

David surprised me with a voucher to fix my hair. It has been damagaed in the dry air of the desert (sun wind etc etc) and he had been thoughtful enough to get a session for me. So on my one day off, I got up early and trekked to Parramatta.

Zeiss Ikonta 520/18

I packed lightly... Lol only a few cameras. I arrived at parramatta with an hour to spare and so I shot some film. As I changed the roll on my AE-1 a man approached and stated "you shoot film." it wasn't a question. I just said "yeah" to which he grinned and shuffled off. Ok.. Shrug. Found a cafe where I had a voucher for a free coffee and as I got to 1/4 down the cup, I managed to tip the cup over emptying the contents all over the table, floor, my bag and across the food hall.. Sigh. A cleaner came running and mopped it all up. Damn lost a cup of coffee. My bag was soaked in coffee but what can I do? Mopped as much as I could with napkins and slinked away.

FED micron & I take a coffee break

Arrived at the salon/spa and the girl was quite surly. The only time she lightened up was when David arrived later. Alas the trademark stripe on my hair was not covered and it was with regret that I allowed it to be dyed black. I didn't want her to charge me $100 for a red stripe. David later asked if it was too late but it was. Oh well.
It was suggested that we goto wrap central or something for lunch and so, with no better suggestion, that's what we did.
We found this gem of a shirt, guaranteed to get you in trouble in any airport in the world


And I can't for the life of me imagine a pizza cone.

Pizza cone?

The train home was crowded but that was to be expected.

South train approaching granville Plat 4

With the sun setting the temperature plunged. Brr. I quite like winter and am certainly not complaining.

The HDR. I tried to do with a new app failed so I played with it to make it cartoony. Well, it's colourful.

Sunset at Campbelltown

Well, today I tried to sleep in, but my 8days of morning shift has ruined my body clock. Grrrr I crashed early and hence got up early. No good.
Scanned the previous day's rolls and headed for the PO two and maybe three more rolls in the mail, so I spent the afternoon developing those. Another problematic C-22 film. This time a shorter development time..hmm I pre washed and the blue halation layer came off cool. All it well. When I pulled the film out, it was red!! Ok. Very very odd.

The black and white was better.

Back on night shifts but the 8 days shifts has buttered my routine. Not happy at all. The trip to work was bitterly cold, the wind creating a 6C wind chill factor. Brr a neighbour's house looked very welcoming .

Warm & welcoming on a cold winters night

And I was grateful to get a coffee at celini's cafe.
At Celini's
This cafe is soo perfect in winter, it's so homely it's furnishings are darks and browns and you feel snug.

A ship I really wanted to see departed today. I was bummed but I just can't get into town :-( the one time an afternoon shift would have been handy. Grump.

Ah well soldier on


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