Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long wekend

As frustrating as all fuck. I hate extra days that the PO is closed. I have a heap of auctions to post and a care package waiting at Botany to be delivered. FFS I wish I could drive to Botany tomorrow and pick it up but the damed couriers are closed too. Grrr the bloody economy stops for a bullshit reason. Hate hate hate.

I am going to list a few cameras on eBay. The ones that I am not totally in love with. If course all my box brownies are off limits. I adore those. I am thinking the 116film cameras as, although I have 70mm film I have o backing paper unless I use the 1946film that I have in my fridge. I am not wanting to do this. Maybe someone out there has 116 backing paper? I am thinking get a wide strip and make one up..

Anyway on Friday David woke me up early to go to lunch with Megan. Although my twitter following of Her is sporadic, I do like her company in real life. I was happy to go to lunch but certainly paid for it at work. I was exhausted. Boo.

Soon it will tick over to Monday, the public holiday and I will be classified as on my day off although I am working 6 hours of it. I don't even get the on lieu as I am not signing on on the Monday. It sux really.

I am happier with my hair now. The shock has probably worn off. Mind you I was multicoloured for years.

Aside from that all ticks over as it always does, management raids had had no effect because no matter what they believe, we really are doing our jobs. Meh. Let them. I don't even care about supervisors. Bring it on. The rumors are far more interesting than the real life.

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