Monday, June 13, 2011

Pyjama day

I spend it lonely and alone. I was so lonely that I collected a few cameras and headed into the rain to shoot a passing steam train. Didn't really care about the train just wanted to be near people (Not too close) Anyway It rained the 6l83 (diesel) train took 90 minutes to move away from the frame, probably not able to reset the points

6L83 standing at C Frame

Returned to the station, talked to some video buffs then rang campbelltown to see where the damned tea kettle was. THe diesel finally moved off.

As the sun set and the light turned to black.. we moved like moths to the station lights. The some fucks came late just as the steamers arrived and broke the photo line AAAAARRRGGGHHH

6S77 At Picton

anyway back to C frame to shoot in the dark and I met Mark Hardacre. Had a lovely chat and we both went our separate ways.

6S77 At Picton

A lovely dinner with David. finished the day is a beter frame of mind than when it started.

I read OzDJ's excellent post on life is pointless. I think you should read it.

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